With French and European market exclusivity, O2feel designs, develops and creates its own batteries in collaboration with its long-term partner Shimano. A technical choice to adapt our batteries to Shimano technology means we can offer you a balanced, intelligent bike.

Why do we develop

our batteries ?

Having control of our product’s technology allows us to remain unrestricted and innovative when it comes to our bike designs: sleek and discreet integration in the frame or saddle tube.

There is also the option of choosing the battery’s power and its weight depending on how the bike is used: leaving on an adventure and want long battery life? Do you have a lighter and compact folding bike? Do you want resistance for heavy loads?

Our teams of electrotechnicians can work directly on your battery in our workshops.

Finally, when your battery comes to the end of its life (at around 80,000 km) it will be processed as we are committed to a recycling and reconditioning network.

O2feel is committed to product durability and safety, and offers a 4-year warranty on its batteries.

(Subject to registration of your bike)


of our batteries

Our batteries come with a smart BMS (Battery Management System) that controls the temperature, regulates the charge, discharge and cell balance in order to maintain performance and lifespan.

Originating from the car industry with the very latest format 21700 lithium cell that channels more energy than the previous generation, and a new “honeycomb” installation layout (3D) ensuring a level of reliability never achieved before. With its unique cellular and electronic features, this system has exceptional battery life.

Estimate the autonomy of your ebike

Retirer la batterie d'un iSwan noir


Integrated battery in the saddle tube. Lightweight
and compact, it charges even
when locked to the frame.


iPowerFit 400



Generation 2 of our iPowerPack battery has been upgraded to ensure optimum compatibility with our new EP6 motors.


iPowerPack 540

iPowerPack Advanced


Generation 2 of our iPowerPack Advanced battery has been enhanced to offer advanced functionality and compatibility with our new EP6, EP6 Cargo and EP801 engines.


iPowerPack Advanced 720


The battery fits into our bike frames thanks to its exclusive and sleek design.

Available in 2 power level


iPowerPack 432


iPowerPack 540

iPowerPack Advanced

Strengthened version of the iPowerPack, increased shock resistance, aluminium casing. Greater heat dissipation.

Available in 2 power level


iPowerPack Advanced 432


iPowerPack Advanced 720

Double your battery life with the iPowerFit duo: a second battery available to buy with O2feel iPowerFit compatible models (iPeps, iVog & iPop). This lightweight and compact second battery can be carried easily in your bag or on the rear baggage rack with a suitable bag.


my battery

You have a latch / lock near to the battery directly on the frame. This lets you lock or unlock the battery on the bike.

  • iPowerFit 400: option to double the battery life by purchasing a second iPowerFit.
  • iPowerPack 432 Wh: you can opt for the iPowerPack 540 Wh.
  • iPowerPack Advanced 432 Wh: you can opt for the iPowerPack Advanced 720 Wh.
  • DO NOT leave it connected permanently to the charger.
  • Store in a dry, cool to mild place (10 to 20 °C) with no temperature variation.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight or rain.
  • Charge the battery to around 70% before storing.
  • Recharge the battery to around 70% every six months.
  • Recharge the battery completely after storage.

Yes, it is possible to “extend” your battery’s life by storing it in a suitable place with no hazards (moisture, sun, etc.) and charging it once a month.

Yes, but you won’t have any assistance. If you use a Di2 system, you can even change gears for a while as this uses less energy. Finally, remember to check your level when you get home at night or in the morning when you arrive at work for example, to pre-empt and avoid running out.

Yes. The assistance stops however there is enough energy remaining (emergency) for the screen to work, as well as the bike lights and Di2 gear changer (depending on the model).

Unfortunately not, at present there is no motor that is capable of recharging a battery by pedalling.



From 26 April to 15 June, you could win an iSwan Roland-Garros.

The draw will take place on 18 June.

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