& O2feel

O2feel is teaming up with the most famous Grand Slam tournament, for a collaboration in the emblematic colours of Roland-Garros and creating several editions of its premium electric bikes.

For the duration of the 2024 tournament, try to win an iSwan Roland-Garros from 26 April to 15 June.
The draw will take place on 18 June.


A legendary event, broadcast every year in over 244 countries throughout the world, the Roland-Garros tennis tournament in Paris is the meeting for both sport enthusiasts and the general public.

This grand slam, with its legendary clay courts on which the greatest champions have made their mark, extends beyond borders. A temple to passion and to surpassing yourself, Roland-Garros is also a style brand in tune with its time, combining elegance and modernity.



& Roland-Garros

In becoming an official Roland-Garros brand licensee, O2feel is joining the tournament’s story. We share the strong values of elegance, French expertise and sport.

The meeting of our two brands is the promise of a new art of living, on an electric bike model designed especially for the Roland-Garros label, skilfully combining style and sport. An obvious match.

Get on the saddle and extend your passion beyond the tennis courts!


& Roland-Garros

By becoming the official licensee of the Roland Garros brand, O2feel is becoming part of the prestigious history of the tournament, conveying values such as elegance, French spirit and pleasure.

This collaboration between our brands promises a new lifestyle experience, symbolised by our electric bikes specially designed for Roland-Garros, combining style and boldness with finesse.
A natural and meaningful association.

Experience the intensity of the tournament on our iSwan Roland-Garros model.

With its chalk white and cobalt blue colours, the iSwan Roland-Garros embodies French elegance and expertise.

Own a touch of the dream...with our limited edition Equo Roland Garros cargo

With its clay colour and accessories bearing the effigy of the famous French tournament, the Equo Roland-Garros embodies the extraordinary passion of this legendary grand slam.

Only 100 of this particular model have been produced, each with a unique number plate.

A peerless e-bike for an exceptional tournament…

Pack Roland Garros :
Centre court at the French Open engraved on the front basket.
A bell designed to reflect the famous French tournament.


Lucas Pouille & the "Quatorze"

With the ‘Quatorze’ bike, O2feel is celebrating the 2024 French Open with unbridled ambition. Its name, inspired by the famous tennis court where Lucas Pouille experienced some intense moments in 2023, evokes both a passion for the game and sporting excellence. By combining the authentic clay projected onto the frame with the elegance of black evoking the land of the North, this bike embodies the perfect union between the power of athleticism and artistic finesse.

Beyond its striking aesthetic appeal, ‘Quatorze’ represents a quest for emotions, dreams and the unattainable. Like the game on the Roland Garros court, this creation is an invitation to live intensely and feel every moment. Its rarity, with only two produced, makes it an object of desire, evoking the ephemeral magic and grandeur of the sporting event. By teaming up with Lucas Pouille, a champion whose career is a perfect illustration of determination and excellence, O2feel is seeking to convey these values through a unique experience, where the bicycle becomes the vehicle for emotions and memories of the French Open.


Bicycle made in 2 copies / Not available for sale



For the duration of the 2024 tournament, try to win an iSwan Roland-Garros from 26 April to 15 June.
The draw will take place on 18 June.

*Please check the contest rules

Concours Roland-Garros 2024
Civilité / Civility
Nom / Name
Nom / Name
Nom de famille / Family name
Prénom / First name
Case à cocher

Find the rules and conditions here



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