Un vélo O2feel sur un fod noir et bleu



A comfortable, innovative and stylish electric design bike, designed and assembled in France – it is possible and this has been our promise for over 10 years!

At our offices in Wambrechies in northern France, our employees work on the development, design, after-sales service and even the maintenance of your electric bikes on a daily basis. The expertise of our enthusiasts benefits our products as they develop the electric bikes of tomorrow produced at our Assembly Plant in the Hauts-de-France.



The adventure began in 2009 in a garage in Amiens in the Hauts-de-France region when two friends, engineers Grégoire and Jean, decided to bring to life their vision of the mobility of tomorrow.

The electric bike seems an obvious choice to change habits and contribute to a new lifestyle.

Creators of technology and unique design, they designed their first 24 inch bike, the compact and comforting Valdo, a bestseller in the early days of the brand.

O2feel is an electric bike design company recognised for its knowledge and expertise acquired since 2009.

Developer of technology and unique design, O2feel also produces in France from its assembly plant in Lille Metropole. Found across France in specialised reseller stores, as well as internationally, O2feel has positioned itself as a reference of the French electric bike.



Export sales department

In order to develop its international presence, O2feel has strengthened its sales teams focussed on different countries where the brand is distributed.

France sales department

The France sales department is responsible for daily field visits to the brand's reseller stores to take orders and organise logistics so that the bikes are made available in store.

Sales administration department

A sales team with no follow-up nerve centre would not perform as well, our sales administration team ensures that the bikes get to our reseller partners in time.

LAB department

Our LAB team is constantly in search of innovation and performance and develops your future bikes in our French offices in Wambrechies in Lille Metropole. Their mission is to conceive, design, create, assemble, test and optimise electric bikes.

Accounts & Finance department

The management, figures, analysis and tracking of accounts doesn’t frighten the finance team at O2feel. This multi-skilled team guarantees continuity and manages the accounting closes.

After-sales service and workshop

Recognised for its responsive and local after-sales service, the team is responsible for bike and customer aftercare after store purchase. It also provides phone and in-person assistance for bikes and batteries through the in-house repair workshop.

Digital department

Digital experts, responsible for developing websites as innovative and beautiful as the O2feel bikes. Working hand-in-hand with marketing and product leaders to respond to emerging trends and always be on top in the e-bikes and digital world.

Communications / marketing department

Developing the brand's image and reputation among clients, bringing the O2feel world to life in-store, at trade shows and through different media.

Procurement / logistics department

A close-knit team for whom strong values such as rigour, commitment and adaptability are the key words. They guarantee deliveries within production and marketing lead-times.



Since its beginnings, O2feel has been rewarded for its expertise, innovation and designs.


Equo Cargo Power 7.1 named best electric cargo bike by Le Figaro and Focus Magazine (DE)


The iVog City Up 3.1 wins the award for best electric bike under €2,500 from TestAchats, Belgium’s leading consumer website


The Vern Urban voted best urban electric bike out of a panel of 80 brands by Le Figaro


O2feel is voted the best electric bike in the Netherlands in the Lifestyle category, a proud moment to have taken the crown from the Nordic countries who have held it for some time.


O2feel is runner-up in the French electric mountain biking championships with its KARMA model. The iSwan model receives the electric bike “star” of the year from Les Numériques.


O2feel wins the award for the fastest growing company in France and Europe.


The “observateur du design” label awards the brand.


Folding bike of the year award: the beginning of a new era at O2feel with this product completing the collection.


Town bike award with the now famous 24 inch Valdo, a first on the bike market.



In this age of electric mobility, O2Feel is ready to equip everyone
with e-bikes for both town and country.

Daily life with


The trends going forward are clear: fewer cars, more bikes.

Our goal : to be a major player in the mobility of the future, making your daily journeys easier and
giving you a sense of well-being and peace of mind.

Un vélo O2feel sur un fond foncé
Un vélo O2feel sur un fond bleu foncé




At O2feel, product durability is a major priority. We ensure our bikes are easy repair and provide a repair & warranty service for our batteries.


Keeping pace with a changing environment: “Moving with the times, adapting, modernising.”


We are committed to building a trustworthy relationship between our retailers, end users and everyone who relies on our brand on a day-to-day basis.

We care

At O2feel, we believe that people, authenticity and respect drive performance.

O2feel Headquarters

High-Environmental-Quality building

O2feel is located in Wambrechies, in the ECOPARK estate near Lille.

ECOPARK is the first industrial estate to receive High Environmental Quality (HQE) certification in the North Paris region.

The whole of the building is Low-Energy Building certified: it consumes six times less energy than buildings constructed in the 1990s.

The environment has also been taken into account, in the infrastructure, materials used, choice of vegetation, rainwater harvesting, and more.




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