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Batterie iPowerfit sur un iVog

Designed and developed by our engineers, O2feel batteries are among the most efficient on the market. We harness the very best cutting-edge technology: lithium-ion, autonomy management software, latest-generation cells.

Why produce our own batteries?

By controlling their design, we can make them more user-friendly, stylish, easy to integrate and discreet.

To guarantee reliability and performance, O2feel batteries are tested and certified by Shimano.


4 year

At O2feel, we have complete control over the life cycle of our batteries by producing, repairing and recycling them.

Such expertise means we are able to guarantee our batteries for 4 years. We are unique on the market in offering this service.

O2feel e-bike warranty periods:

  • Frame: 5 years
  • Electrical components (excluding wearing parts): 2 years
  • Mechanical components (excluding wearing parts): 2 years

To activate your 4-year warranty, all you need to do is simply fill in the form below.

You can sign up for this service within 30 days of your purchase, starting January 1, 2023.
O2feel reserves the right to ask you for proof of purchase of the O2feel battery or the O2feel bike.

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