Di2 is an electronic gear changing system. It moves away from standard cables and gear levers to replace them with electric cables and buttons. Direct gear changes become accurate and fast, they are assisted and silent.

In manual mode, you choose your gears, even when stationary. In automatic mode, gear changes are distributed and adapted to the force of your pedalling.

In general, cycling requires a pedalling force and this force can be more or less depending on certain factors: your bike, the weather, your weight or your clothing. It then becomes necessary to optimise this force and increase your pedalling power.

Transmission is an important factor in optimising the power developed by pedalling: a bad derailleur adjustment, a poor quality component, an unsuitable cassette or bad alignment of parts will cause friction and therefore pedalling will consume more energy.
The O2feel “LAB” fine tunes its bikes and therefore offers an electric bike aligned to its future use. Your cycle rides should be moments of pleasure not exhaustion!

At O2feel, we connect the Di2 to an integrated speed hub (Nexus) as we want to offer you absolute comfort on your ride. This combination reduces friction so that even during a brisk gear change or uphill in the heart of your city, you won’t feel any disruption as the gear changes instantly so your pedalling will be smooth, silent and high performing.

The Di2 system is also extremely resistant, the gears change with accuracy and control even in extreme conditions. Ride with total peace of mind whether you are climbing, on the flat or in full start-up.

It’s time for your electric bike to take care of you on your rides!



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