iVog City Up 4.1

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Appreciate this calmness and safety at the handlebars of the iVog 4.1 and discover the pleasure of moving around.

The ergonomic handles match the comfortable saddle and the anti-puncture tyres: the perfect combination for a stylish and pleasant bike out and about. Its mudguards adapted to the frame colour give it the finishing touch. It is versatile, climbs and descends your town’s slopes easily thanks to the Altus 8 speed derailleur that adapts to your journey. And don’t forget the reliability of the Shimano E5000 motor that supports these changes in road behaviour.



Double your battery life with the iPowerFit duo

a second battery available to buy with O2feel iPowerFit compatible models. This lightweight and compact second battery can be carried easily in your bag or on the rear baggage rack with a suitable bag.



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To sum it up: All of our batteries come with a 4-year warranty

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iPowerFit 400

Batterie iPowerFit 400 fine, légère et puissante. Elle dispose d’une autonomie de 100 km ou 200 km avec l’option iPowerFit Duo. Parfaitement intégrée au tube de selle, elle permet d’augmenter l’équilibre du vélo. Amovible, retirez-la facilement pour la recharger ou directement sur la prise située sur le cadre de votre vélo.


Disques hydrauliques RideRever

Freins à disques hydrauliques 160 mm RideRever. Ce système de freinage reste fiable même sous la pluie ou sur la boue. Il n’y a aucun entretien ou réglage à faire, hormis une purge que vos revendeurs agréés vous conseilleront le moment venu.


Aluminium 6061

Un cadre dessiné par notre équipe d’ingénieurs. Son alliage en aluminium le rend léger et résistant. Le confort de conduite est amélioré grâce à l’enjambement bas qui permet de monter ou descendre facilement du vélo.



Porte-bagages MIK HD, supporte jusqu’à 27 kg. Le MIK HD vous permet de fixer un siège bébé, des sacoches ou un panier. Avec la fixation MIK, installez, retirez, verrouillez et stabilisez facilement vos différents équipements.


iPowerFit 400

iPowerFit 400 Battery – thin, lightweight and powerful. It has battery life of 100 km or 200 km with the iPowerFit Duo option. Perfectly integrated in the saddle tube, it increases the bike’s balance. Easily removable to charge or use the plug directly on your bike’s frame.


RideRever hydraulic brake discs

RideRever 160 mm hydraulic brake discs. This braking system remains reliable even in rain or mud. There is no maintenance or configuration to be done, apart from bleeding the brakes and your authorised resellers will advise you in due course.


Aluminium 6061

Frame designed by our team of engineers. Its aluminium alloy makes it lightweight and hard-wearing. Rider comfort is improved thanks to the low standover making it easy to get on and off the bike.

Rear rack


MIK HD baggage rack, holds up to 27 kg. You can attach a baby seat, bags or a basket to the MIK HD. With the MIK fastener, you can easily fit, remove, lock and steady your various equipment.

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