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the bike

Softness, elegance and comfort are probably the adjectives that best describe this new city bike: the iVog 5 is no exception.

You will rediscover the sense of the word tranquillity at the handlebars. Pedal with complete ease on your usual journey, a little detour to the local bakery for extra pleasure, secure your bike thanks to the padlock attached to the frame, set off again calmly and start your day in the best way. iVog 5 offers a new level of comfort for city living.



Double your battery life with the iPowerFit duo

a second battery available to buy with O2feel iPowerFit compatible models. This lightweight and compact second battery can be carried easily in your bag or on the rear baggage rack with a suitable bag.



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The range is the average number of kilometres you can cover between charges.

The range of an electric bike depends on a number of factors, including battery capacity, the weight of the bike and rider, the level of assistance used and riding conditions.

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Aluminium 6061

Avec son cadre aluminium 6061 léger et robuste ainsi que son enjambement très bas, vous garderez une posture droite pour rouler avec souplesse et confort. Ajustez facilement votre position de conduite grâce à la potence réglable en hauteur, tout comme la tige de selle afin d’adapter le vélo à votre morphologie.


Shimano Nexus 7

Ce dérailleur Shimano Nexus 7 convient pour une utilisation régulière de votre vélo. Avec sa transmission Shimano totalement intégrée, le changement de vitesse Nexus se fait à l’intérieur du moyeu et offre une conduite douce, efficace et permet de changer les vitesses avec facilité même à l’arrêt.


iPowerFit 400

Batterie iPowerFit 400 pour une autonomie pouvant atteindre jusqu’à 100 ou 200 km avec l’option iPowerFit Duo. Cette nouvelle batterie intégrée au cadre offre un design soigné, compact et léger. Elle résiste aux intempéries. Amovible, elle se recharge également à même la batterie facilement et rapidement.

Selle & Tige de selle

Selle Royal Gipsy & Satori Solo

Selle Royal Gipsy, ultra confortable et large pour une assise agréable, permettant d’amortir le plus possible les désagréments de la route. Confort renforcé grâce à la tige de selle Satori Solo ajustable et suspendue qui améliore la qualité de conduite en absorbant les chocs.


Aluminium 6061

With its lightweight and hard-wearing 6061 aluminium frame as well as its low standover, you maintain a straight posture for comfortable, smooth riding. Easily adjust your riding position thanks to the adjustable high bracket, as well as the seat post to adapt the bike to your body shape.


Shimano Nexus 7

This Shimano Nexus 7 derailleur is suited to regular bike use. With its completely integrated Shimano transmission, the Nexus gear change happens inside the hub and offers a smooth, efficient ride and easy gear changing even when stationary.


iPowerFit 400

iPowerFit 400 Battery has a battery life that can reach up to 100 km or 200 km with the iPowerFit Duo option. This new battery is integrated in the frame and has a sleek, compact and lightweight design. It withstands bad weather conditions. The battery is removable and charges easily and quickly.

Saddle & Seat post

Royal Gipsy saddle & Satori Solo seat

Ultra comfortable and wide Royal Gipsy saddle for a pleasant seat that cushions any bumps in the road as much as possible. Reinforced comfort thanks to the adjustable and suspended Satori Solo seat post which improves riding quality by absorbing shocks.

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