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How about a family outing? What about heading out on an Equo Cargo?

This new version equipped with the Shimano EP8 special Cargo drive unit can carry heavy loads and cover a distance of up to 170km on a single charge (in eco mode). It can be kitted out for families or for transporting goods. The ON/OFF button is no longer on the frame but on the handlebars thanks to the new Shimano SC-EN500 cycle computer.





Our Equo cargo model has been designed to suit your lifestyle and comes with a host of accessories.
Whether you’re using your Equo to transport your children or for professional use, find the accessories you need!

A pack for families is available directly when you order your bike, the Family Pack, which includes equipment to adapt your Equo to transport children in a practical and safe way :

Daily Transport

Front basket for quick transport of everyday items.

Family Bar

Bars to keep your children safe and secure.

Secure Steps

Rear footrests for older children and passengers.

Central Bag

Carrying case for securing your small items during transport (keys, anti-theft device, etc.).

Dress Protect

Splash-proof side skirt. Arrive at your destination safe and sound.



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To sum it up: All of our batteries come with a 4-year warranty

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Dimension EQUO - Mobile EN


The range is the average number of kilometres you can cover between charges.

The range of an electric bike depends on a number of factors, including battery capacity, the weight of the bike and rider, the level of assistance used and riding conditions.

S / M / L ?

O2FEEL can help you choose your bike size.







Disques hydrauliques MT420

Les freins à disques hydrauliques MT420 disposent de 4 pistons et procurent un freinage efficace, adapté et sécuritaire. Circulez en toute confiance, sous toutes les conditions météo. Feu STOP associé au freinage.


jusqu'à 80 kg de charge

Notre porte-bagages arrière normé permet d’accueillir jusqu’à 80 kg de charge. Il dispose également de la technologie MIK HD pour l’accessoiriser selon vos besoins. Le feu arrière se trouve en dessous pour être visible même chargé !


Shimano EP801 Cargo

Le moteur par excellence pour les vélos cargos. Une fois chargé et vélo allumé il suffit de donner le premier coup de pédale pour sentir l’assistance se mettre en route. Les 85 Nm de couple vous accompagne jusqu’à 25 km/h et la puissance à pic de 600W vous assiste en cas de dénivelé.



Schwalbe est une référence sur le marché du vélo. Nous avons donc opté pour des pneus Pick-Up Perf. La résistance à la charge, l’adhérence et la sécurité sont de mise. Ils sont dotés d’un revêtement anti-crevaison en kevlar et d’une bande réfléchissante.


MT420 hydraulic disc

The MT420 hydraulic disc brakes have a 4-piston caliper delivering efficient, safe and compatible braking. You can now ride confidently in all weather. Associated brake light.

Rear rack

Maximum weight 80 kg

Our standardised rear rack can carry up to 80kg in weight. It is also equipped with MIK HD technology to be kitted out in line with your needs. The rear light is just beneath so you can be seen even when loaded up!


Shimano EP801 Cargo

Shimano EP8 Cargo: the ultimate drive unit for cargo bikes. Once loaded and switched on, simply push off on the pedal to feel the assistance kick in. The 85Nm torque accompanies you up to 25km/h and the peak power of 600W will give you a boost up any climbing terrain.



Schwalbe is a leader on the bike market. So we have opted for Pick-Up Perf tyres. Grip and safety under heavy loads guaranteed. They have a Kevlar anti-puncture liner and reflective strip.



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