« Assembly is the key »

a known acronym, but what is beneath this innovative fastening? We’ll explain everything!

The MIK system is the outcome of advanced research by Basil (bike bags and accessories) and revolutionised attaching accessories on baggage racks.

The MIK system is efficient, fast and lockable and the smartest on the bike market. All you need is a MIK key to lock and unlock your bags or baskets and double safety for the baby seat.


of the MIK system

N.b.: Several adaptors (locks) are available if the customer would like to kit out their older bikes with MIK bags.

O2feel selected MIK HD for its ability to hold heavier loads (27 kg) than the standard MIK (baby seat), for its greater choice of accessories and particularly for the robustness of the attached baggage rack.

Now that you’re informed and equipped, you just need to clip your dreams to the back of your bike and ride, bags for the week and basket for the weekend picnic.



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