Offering you superior riding quality is essential. We have selected CST for its knowledge and constant tyre innovation.

CST stands for Cheng Shin Tire, one of the largest tyre manufacturers for many uses (truck, car, motorbike, bicycle, agriculture, industrial; etc.). CST is distributed in over 150 countries which means it can offer a wide range of bike tyres and also meet the different demands of each country (standards, certification, etc.).

At O2feel, we selected CST for several reasons:

Le Zeppelin C1635 :

An urban profile with a chic design and stylish colour: a perfect match with your bike. The Zeppelin has a large bead and flexible rubber. Optimal comfort on surfaces such as tarmac and bitumen. Compared to a standard tyre it has real natural suspension thanks to its high air volume. A pedalling e-pleasure.

PALMBAY | C1779 :

Neo-retro profile is a throwback to the 1970s. A very wide, comfortable tyre, perfectly compatible with the cruiser profile. You will have increased suspension thanks to the rubber composition without compromising the safety and resistance of the tyre. A saddle, grip and tyre combination for a successful complete look.



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The draw will take place on 18 June.

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