iVog City Up 3.1

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This entry level model lets you roam the city in comfort and complete safety. The iVog 3.1 comes with a MIK HD baggage rack (27 kg max) suitable for a baby seat or bags. It also has a mudguard to keep your clothes clean and start off your day in the best way! From the first rays of daylight to nightfall, the iVog has lights to make your visible and light up your journey. Your weeks will take on a new pace at the handlebars of this iVog.



Double your battery life with the iPowerFit duo

a second battery available to buy with O2feel iPowerFit compatible models. This lightweight and compact second battery can be carried easily in your bag or on the rear baggage rack with a suitable bag.



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To sum it up: All of our batteries come with a 4-year warranty

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Aluminium 6061

Nouveau cadre en aluminium 6061 dessiné par notre équipe d’ingénieurs. Son design en col de cygne permet un enjambement bas pour faciliter la montée. Le tube de selle intègre la batterie et offre plus de stabilité et d’équilibre à votre conduite.


Shimano E5000

Motorisation centrale Shimano E5000, 40 Nm, pour une assistance souple et intelligente au pédalage. Léger et silencieux, sa puissance de pic à 440 Watt vous apportera une énergie nouvelle pour vous accompagner dans tous vos déplacements.


iPowerFit 400

Batterie iPowerFit 400, développée par O2feel, compacte et légère (moins de 2,1 kg), jusqu’à 100 km d’autonomie ou 200 km avec la iPowerFit Duo en option. Facilitez-vous la recharge grâce au port de charge accessible directement sur la batterie ou bien retirez la batterie pour la recharger où vous le souhaitez.


Suntour CR7 40 mm

Fourche suspendue Suntour CR7 40 mm pour augmenter la souplesse de conduite. Les routes chaotiques, les ralentisseurs ou autres obstacles ne déstabiliseront plus vos sorties.


Aluminium 6061

New 6061 aluminium frame designed by our team of engineers. Its swan’s neck design with low standover makes it easier to mount. The saddle tube holds the battery and provides greater stability and balance to your ride.


Shimano E5000

Shimano E5000 40 Nm central motorisation for smooth and smart pedalling assistance. Lightweight and silent with peak 440 watt power will provide new energy to support you on all your trips.


iPowerFit 400

iPowerFit 400 Battery, developed by O2feel, compact and lightweight (less than 2.1 kg), up to 100 km battery life or 200 km with the iPowerFit Duo option. The charging port directly accessible on the battery makes it easy to charge, or you can remove the battery to charge it where you like.


Suntour CR7 40 mm

Suntour CR7 40 mm suspended fork to increase riding flexibility. Chaotic roads, speed bumps or other obstacles will no longer unsettle your outings.

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